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Ravello TestMill is an orchestration tool to build single- and multi-VM application environments on the fly from a textual description and run workflows in them. The focus is on providing clean and high-fidelity environments for running any kind of development and test workloads, including per-developer development environments, unit tests, system tests, integration tests, functional tests and usability tests.

TestMill uses the Ravello Cloud Application Hypervisor as the virtualization engine to reproduce almost any legacy or new-app environment in the cloud with high fidelity. It also uses the excellent Fabric toolkit as a robust remote execution environment on which the workflows are built.

TestMill fully subscribes to the devops mantra of Infrastructure as Code. The environments that TestMill builds and manages are described by a concise textual format that can be version controlled, and is intended to be part of the repository containing the code it provides infrastructure for.

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